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Cycle of Learningcircle of leadership learning

Success is driven by desire. Success is also directly related to and driven by dedicated leadership, progressive thinking and the diversity and depth of knowledge within your team.

Whether you elect our on-site training, distance learning, our eLearning programs or ideally a combination of all three - each training platform is intentionally designed to drive desire, inspire change and build a more powerful, competent team.

There really are no shortcuts. Learning takes time - it requires repetitive yet fresh methods for communicating positive, new direction.

Learning is an investment - however, the good news is that continuous coaching can deliver big returns.

5STAR Concepts does not offer temporary injections of trendy, fashionable training snippets. We are committed to support your investment and work in partnership to tailor a variety of coaching services that reinforce your initiatives.

The third part of our Continuous Cycle of Learning establishes your team's conclusions and commitments in writing - an invaluable, tangible reference. A goal not written down is an unachieved, often forgotten intention. Creating ownership and accountability for your associates and their actions is paramount to inspire genuine learning and establish positive change. That's why we integrate a Conclusions and Commitments step into each of our programs. Written goals are acknowledge and achieved – never forgotten.

Another valuable component to the 5STAR Concepts process is our mystery shopping program. One important feature of the 5STAR Concepts mystery shopping, which differs from most shopping programs is our fundamental intention behind the shop.

Become More Profitable With 5STAR Concepts

Increase Your Loyalty Base, Add Sales, and Improve Performance

We exist to help our clients increase productivity and profits. We do this by looking for customer service possibilities as well as leadership and team-building opportunities that will increase a company's loyalty base, both internal and external, which in turn increases a company's revenue and reduce customer recovery costs.

Our clients come to view our services as an investment not a cost. If our clients look at us as a cost, another expense that they are just paying out every month than we are not doing our job. Our job is to help them build their customer base. Our job is to help them make more money, both top line revenues and bottom line profits. That is our job.

customer service training"I recommend 5STAR Concepts to anyone serious about increasing their revenues. For those working in the hospitality business, you know that every employee is critical to the success of your hotel. With times being what they are, every phone call is imperative to our success. 5STAR Concept's services pay for themselves and make you money."

Kevin Thorstenson GM-
Thunder Valley Resort and Casino

Leadership Development and Training

Our leadership development programs are designed to work from the top down. We help upper-management team members understand and capitalize on their strengths, which in turn helps them to manage and lead better.

In our leadership development training courses, we teach to focus on strengths rather than weakness. It is more efficient and effective to focus on building from the strengths of the individual rather than to change people. The concept is similar when working with building up a group's strengths which is covered in greater detail in our team building courses.

Of course there are techniques that can be done to improve shortcomings and we do teach methods on how you can improve in these areas. It is our experience that the shortest and most profitable route is to build upon what is already working. With 5STARconcepts leadership development training programs we focus on developing lasting skills that are proven and can be implemented in the workplace to make lasting changes and produce positive results.

Our course participants learn to assess their own performance and skills as well as those of their various team members. This will answer the powerful questions, are my associates working in the roles that best suits them?

Team Development

5STAR Concepts Team Development workshops are unlike any you have ever heard of before. We like to say, it ain't your momma's Team Building Course. Ours is powerful, progressive and impactful. Long gone are the days of trust falls and marshmallow towers. Today it is about accomplishing difficult tasks (mental and physical) that, in the end, help us relate to our natural behaviors in the work life and at home.

Our team building events are tailored to each client. Some of our team events are small and intimate with 5 or 6 people and others are large events with more than 450 people.

In today's economic climate, team development is becoming more and more important because often times it is viewed as an investment. Investments should provide returns and just about all of the companies we are fortunate enough to work with including some Fortune 500 clients report that our services actually pay for themselves.

The advantage of team building events is that we can bring to light what areas need work and what areas they can continue to build on. In most cases you could not sit down with a group of people and have them list out completely where their professional strengths and weaknesses are. You can't ask them how they might interact with a certain person in a given situation. In that sterile environment they almost certainly will give you the textbook answer, but they will fail to realize that they themselves actually might be guilty of those actions. They almost never really have any true self-discovery or breakthroughs in the cubicle or office setting. That is why our team building events are so successful.

Remember: We tend to judge ourselves based on our intentions while the world judges us based on our actions. Our Team Building courses are designed to point out your actions under difficult situations. By understanding these, you understand yourself and where you can improve.

Customer Service and Sales Training

By following our Cycle of Learning approach, we focus on processes and powerful learning techniques that create wow moments that motivate long- term change.

Will it work for my company?
We are proud that a great many of our clients have been exactly where you are right now. They were looking for something to help turn things around and now they actually view our services as an investment, an investment with a real return, not just another item they added to their overhead. Our proven process hinges on these key elements.

  • Customer Service and Sales Training
  • Mystery Shopping and Call Monitoring
  • On-Going Coaching

Whether you choose to implement all three element or wish to focus on one or two, we have a solution that will help take your company to the next level.

Lasting & Rewarding Impact

It important that we are actually having a positive impact on our clients by helping them to increase their revenues. It is very rewarding to see the progress and we greatly enjoy when they share their successes with us. It is not uncommon for a client to double their telephone sales after our training and coaching programs.

We had a hotel client that actually doubled their booking conversions within three months. We had another client report to us that they increased their revenues enough in the first thirty days to pay for their training and coaching for an entire year. True success doesn't happen by accident.

Experience You Can Trust

With clients from almost every reputable service based industry imaginable, 5STAR Concepts is helping clients worldwide. This is because we draw from over 100 years of combined experience within this industry and we custom tailor each program to meet the specific needs of each client. Combined with our technology, our ongoing training and coaching along with our tireless commitment to help our clients increase their bottom line it is very clear to see what makes 5STAR Concepts unique.

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