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Cycle of Learningcircle of leadership learning

Success is driven by desire. Success is also directly related to and driven by dedicated leadership, progressive thinking and the diversity and depth of knowledge within your team.

Whether you elect our on-site training, distance learning, our eLearning programs or ideally a combination of all three - each training platform is intentionally designed to drive desire, inspire change and build a more powerful, competent team.

There really are no shortcuts. Learning takes time - it requires repetitive yet fresh methods for communicating positive, new direction.

Learning is an investment - however, the good news is that continuous coaching can deliver big returns.

5STAR Concepts does not offer temporary injections of trendy, fashionable training snippets. We are committed to support your investment and work in partnership to tailor a variety of coaching services that reinforce your initiatives.

The third part of our Continuous Cycle of Learning establishes your team's conclusions and commitments in writing - an invaluable, tangible reference. A goal not written down is an unachieved, often forgotten intention. Creating ownership and accountability for your associates and their actions is paramount to inspire genuine learning and establish positive change. That's why we integrate a Conclusions and Commitments step into each of our programs. Written goals are acknowledge and achieved – never forgotten.

Another valuable component to the 5STAR Concepts process is our mystery shopping program. One important feature of the 5STAR Concepts mystery shopping, which differs from most shopping programs is our fundamental intention behind the shop.

Become More Profitable With 5STAR Concepts

Increase Your Loyalty Base, Add Sales, and Improve Performance

We exist to help our clients increase productivity and profits. We do this by looking for customer service possibilities as well as leadership and team-building opportunities that will increase a company's loyalty base, both internal and external, which in turn increases a company's revenue and reduce customer recovery costs.

Our clients come to view our services as an investment not a cost. If our clients look at us as a cost, another expense that they are just paying out every month than we are not doing our job. Our job is to help them build their customer base. Our job is to help them make more money, both top line revenues and bottom line profits. That is our job.

customer service training"I recommend 5STAR Concepts to anyone serious about increasing their revenues. For those working in the hospitality business, you know that every employee is critical to the success of your hotel. With times being what they are, every phone call is imperative to our success. 5STAR Concept's services pay for themselves and make you money."

Kevin Thorstenson GM-
Thunder Valley Resort and Casino

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