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We have put together 5 of our most popular do-it-yourself team building activities for you to use during a staff meeting, a corporate event or even as a "get out of the office" activity.

They are easy to facilitate and provide powerful messages.

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Team Development

5STAR Concepts is NOT your mamma's team building company. Long gone are the days of building towers out of marshmallows and trust falls, 5STAR Concepts uses powerful tactics designed to create a thought provoking ah-ha moment for every member of your team. Each event is designed to place participants in uncomfortable situations that mimic the real challenges they face every day, followed by a de-brief that helps each participant understand how they can take what they learned and improve their life and their performance.

There is simply no substitute for direct, respectful and engaging communication. In fact, exemplary communication is at the forefront of every action 5STAR Concepts takes. We recognize and believe in the results and rewards that come from good, clear client connections and we are passionate about presenting these skills in our training programs.

Each client's needs will differ and we pride ourselves on providing true customized and tailored training specific to each client.

customer service training"Our organization used 5STARconcepts for a team building event during two of our annual leadership retreats. Their subject matter knowledge and engagement of our staff made the training both educational and engaging. We have used many of 5STARconcepts' team building exercises to enhance productivity in our staff. When we brought 5STARconcepts back the second year, it was amazing the retention that our staff had from the previous year and how enthusiastic they were to participate once again. We will definitely be calling on 5STARconcepts again."

Randall Andreason Director of Development-
Utah National Parks Council

The Team Building Enviroment

We know how to build a team-oriented environment, where everyone can contribute to the success of your organization. Whether you need to build a strong Executive Team, a functional Service Team or anything in between, our programs are customized to deliver your goals. We have even worked with families and community organizations in their development goals

Customized to fit your particular needs, our workshop is a process of impactful activities and debriefings that build upon each other. They are designed to be both thought provoking and behavior modifying. They will leave a lasting impression on your company or organization. Through our processes, your employees will begin to break down the barriers and attitudes that are currently holding them back and hindering your organization. More specifically:

  • Your staff will learn the importance of trust within the team.
  • They will be introduced to the feedback model and how to apply it in their everyday lives.
  • They will have the opportunity to take time and reflect on their own behaviors and attitudes and how it currently affects the team.
  • They will make commitments to themselves and each other in regards to what they will do to support the team moving forward.
  • 5STAR Concepts' Teambuilding Workshops will increase your productivity allowing for true collaboration amongst managers, departments, employees and ultimately your customers. All of this with one goal in mind: Achieving Extraordinary Results through Extraordinary Efforts,

Team Building Examples

Below is a sample of some of our most popular Team Building events. Whether you pick just one to supplement a company activity or choose multiple ones to build an entire day, we will customize all of them to meet the specific and particular goals of your group.

  1. In search for the Cache
    Our most popular team building course uses riddles and GPS systems to show management teams the importance of their relationship with the work force.
  2. A Team Without Borders
    This powerful team building event shows the relationship each department has with each other and the community by demonstrating through customized activities the importance of each person on the team all while completing a service project for under privileged children in the community.
  3. The Communication Project
    84% of all customer related problems come from a breakdown in the communication process. Three activities placed one right after another;The Communication Project offers a powerful in-site to our own communication styles while learning to be aware of the communication styles of others.
  4. surviveTHIS!
    As your team is sent out into the wilderness with a list of specific tasks to complete, they learn more about how they interact under pressure and while in stress, providing each of them better in-site on what they can do to better survive in the competitive workplace by relying on each other and their strengths.
  5. SOP2gether
    This fun, interactive and wild activity provides a powerful opportunity to show the importance of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of your organization.

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