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Did you now that 90% of sales managers don’t even bother to ask for the sale? Do yours? Let us make a complimentary call into your sales office to find out.

We will provide you with the recording of the call, seven days of email correspondence as well as any voice mail messages we receive back, and an online professional analysis of the call from one of our expert coaches via ORION, our powerful online coaching tool.

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Sales Training Program

The best sales people not only understand their customer, they also know how to provide extraordinary service. Whether it be over the phone or face to face, your associates are selling your products and services every time they interact with your customers. Our sales workshops incorporate both customer service skills and sales techniques to provide a lasting impression on both your associates and your customers. They will walk away with the BluePrintª they need to begin their successful journey. Then coupled with Pyxis and ORION, our on-going sales training system, and our customer service training programs they will become the STARS they were meant to be.

Understanding What Compels Your Prospect

What is going to grab their ear and motivate your sales prospect to want to listen to what I have to say? The answer is simple, create a compelling reason that stimulates interest. The goal of a compelling reason is just that, it stimulates interest and opens up a dialog for that prospect to hear more about what you have to say.
Here are a few things to consider when you are crafting your compelling reasons:

  • Differentiate Yourself
    Focus on the end result of your product or service. What are the benefits of using your product or service? Even better what are the benefits of using your products or services vs. your competitors.

  • Follow the "So What" principle
    If you can objectively look at the compelling reason you are proposing and it passes the "So What" test. If you can drill the answer down further, then you have not found the lowest common denominator for your reason.) Make sure it is as measurable and specific as it can be.

  • Identify Their Greatest Pain.
    Lets face it, pain is a greater motivator than pleasure and there is no shortage of pain in our lives. We are not promoting the use of shady or underhanded tactics here. Let look at it this way. We don't go to the doctor when we are healthy unless we are going for a check up. We go to the doctor when we are sick or in pain. If you can discover what is the cause of your prospects pain, and weave it into a compelling reason then you will grab a prospects ear more than ever.

  • Use Testimonials
    Think about the business that your prospects are in. Think about some of the clients you might have that might be in your prospects business. If you can weave in some of those testimonials from those success stories from other companies, the prospect maybe interested in hearing more of what you have to say.

Crafting a compelling reason is going to take a little time and effort as well as a high degree of creativity. So give yourself the time as well as the space to come up with some of them on your own. Remember, one is not enough. Craft at least five compelling reasons, after all a reason that resonates with one prospect may not resonate with another. Everyone's hot button is a little different. If you can weave two or three compelling reasons in every sale pitch, chances are you are bound to hit at least one compelling reason that your prospect is going to be interested in.

Another tip that you can use that is almost sure to uncover any objection you are going to run into is to use "if" questions. So lets say that you run into a prospect that says "We don't have the budget" or "We are working with another vendor" or "We are not ready to make these decisions until next year". Use an "if" question and that might sound like this: "So if you did have the budget, you and I would have a lot more to discuss right now?" or "If you weren't working with another vendor, would you be more open to discuss further detail the services that we offer?" and finally "If it was in the fall, you and I would be able to pursue this conversation in greater detail?"

If they say yes than you have a opportunity to open up an new possibility that did not exist before. If they say no, then that means there is still something else going on and you will have to dig a little deeper to find out what that true objection really is.

Prospect Your Prospects

As you are probably aware, not every prospect is going to become a customer. There may still be an opportunity to continue to prospect them, but not exactly for what you might think.

What we are referring to is prospecting your prospects. Lets look at another example: Suppose you have gone through your compelling reasons with the prospect. You have asked the right questions to discover if there was truly a good fit. At the end of the conversation you concluded that either the timing wasn't right or they simply weren't a good fit that they could benefit from in relation to your services.

Before wrapping up that call or leaving that prospect and moving on to the next one, use this as an opportunity to maximize every single call or visit you make by prospecting your prospects.

You are at the end of the call or are just about to dismiss yourself and you are ready to wrap up the conversation and you say something like this: "You know what Mr. Prospect? I really appreciate your time today. It sounds like that at least for right now, what we are offering you is not a truly a good fit for you. After all it sounds like you have a solution that is working pretty well for you. However, in your line of work, I am sure you run onto a lot of people who could benefit from our services and they run into some of the challenges that we discussed earlier. With these people that you might know, would you feel comfortable sharing their names with me so that I might be able to give them a call and see if I can help them out as well?"

If you get a "yes" move right into, "Thank you, I really appreciate that. Who do you know that could be benefitting from our product (or service) from right now and who is always looking to improve and do things better?"

Prospecting your prospects enables you to maximize every cold call or visit you make and uncover even more prospects and opportunities then you ever thought possible.

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