three training call

3 Complimentary
Mystery Calls
to your front line

Do you really know what your employees sound like to your potential customers?

Are they providing the service you except and selling the vision you see?

Let us make three complimentary mystery calls so you can truly find out.

We will provide you with a recording of each call along with an online call analysis from one of our expert coaches via ORION, our powerful online coaching tool.

Simply click on this link and provide us with some basic information and we will do the rest.

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Sales and Customer Service Training

The 5STAR Concepts Way

5STAR Concepts customizes our sales and customer service training programs to meet the needs of our clients. We tailor it to fit their model. Many of our clients have spent hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars to differentiate themselves from their competitors. They often times offer services and products that are unique to them. Our job is to help them capitalize on those differences rather than provide a cookie cutter training program that encourages them to sound like everyone else.

Most other customer service training and leadership building companies use secret shopping as a "scorecard", but here again we feel we have a unique vantage point. We feel that the secret shopping is really one component in the whole process. After we collect our findings and information we hand the information over to one of our coaches who analyze and scores each call. They then write very specific notes to that employee about that call or visit. That interaction with the customer become a training tool. The coaches will show them what is working and how they can improve.

Sales and Customer Service Background

It was 5STAR Concepts founder, Stephen Lambert, sales and operations background in the hotel industry that set in motion the creation of the company. Stephen was recruited by a top training company where he continued to train workshops and develop training within the industry for the next few years. During which his talent and a passion for leadership development and team building continued to grow as well. It was only a matter of time before the right opportunity presented itself and a small home based business was born which would become 5STAR Concepts.

The early years of working from a home office presented their own challenges, but the company continued to grow. It was then that 5STAR Concepts began to make the early commitments and investments in technology that have become central to the way that 5STAR Concepts coaches and trains even today. 5STAR Concepts has grown considerably and obviously no longer works from the home office, but still provides the one on one service that you would expect from a smaller company.

Service Evaluation Problems within the Industry

Mystery shopping (the process of calling for customer evaluation purposes without their knowledge) is at the core of most customer service evaluation companies. In fact most customer service evaluation companies have a one size fits all approach and that is where we pride ourselves on providing superior service that is custom tailored to each client's needs.

Within the customer service training field, it is not uncommon for other companies to use large call centers (think telemarketers) to make the mystery shop evaluations. Often times they read from a script and you can hear other callers in the background. The biggest problem this creates is actually a false positive. This is because most employee or customer service representatives can tell very quickly that it is coming from a call center and they will put on their "best face" knowing they are being evaluated. That was one of the driving factors why we developed our Pyxis system.

Our Technology

Pyxis is a state of the art call monitoring and mystery shopping system with unique and distinct advantages, one being it is integrated with ORION, our on-line coaching system that utilizes our highly trained and coached mystery shoppers and then is scored by our coaches.

With Pyxis, our callers (mystery shoppers) will call from anywhere in the world including their own home while doing dishes and it is the natural background noises such as the kids playing or the hum of a lawnmower, all of which really rounds out the evaluation so the customer service representatives are not even aware they are being shopped. Our callers are located all over the country and are from all walks of life. They call at all hours of the day as well. The Pyxis system randomly generates caller ID numbers so the customer service representatives are not clued in like what happens when our competitors from call centers displaying certain numbers or area codes and even sometimes shows as a "Blocked ID".

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