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Stealing Second

Stephen Lambert, CEO and founder of 5STARconcepts, keynote speaker and professional presenter writes 5 keys steps in overcoming our fears in this powerful article.

Whether it be the fear of failure, the unknown or change, even the fear of success…if we want to be a true leader that is successful in what we set out to do, we need to replace that fear with faith in our self, our abilities and our team.

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Leadership Development

I was once asked the question, How do you instill desire in your workforce? Much time and effort was put into discovering that answer and this is what we came up with: You cannot create desire in another person…it is our job, our task, to awaken the desire that is already there. Stephen Lambert

We believe whole heartily that great people surround themselves by even greater people. We have built our business on this concept. It is a core belief we teach in our leadership retreats and team building workshops. This is the cornerstone of 5STAR Concepts foundation.

Successful people and successful organizations know how to capitalize on the strengths of each person within their team. It is through this principle each of us can do extraordinary things.

leadership training retreat
Red Mountain Resort
Our leadership development includes a wide range of activities for improving your own personal strengths as well as the team’s performance.

Success is driven by desire. Success is also directly related to and driven by dedicated leadership, progressive thinking and the diversity and depth of knowledge within your team. Each of our programs are intentionally designed to awaken the desire, inspire the change and build a more powerful, competent leader within you and your team.

Whether we come to you or your team visits us at our Leadership Retreat located at Red Mountain Resort in beautiful Southern Utah, our 2 1/2 day leadership development is guaranteed to provide your leadership team with the tools they need to drive success. If traveling does not fit into your plans, then we can come to you.

customer service training"I attended Stephens Leadership/Personal Development course and it changed my outlook on life. Being able to focus on my strengths and passions really helped me gain a better appreciation for what I can accomplish. The personal and professional vision I created, along with its goals and objectives, gave me a clearer understanding that has helped me over the last several months to become a not only a better, more productive, leader, but a better person, husband, father and friend. I will forever be grateful for these skills."

Scott Offen President-
Robot Scott LLC

The focus of our leadership development program is to help those in leadership roles recognize what their individual strengths are what the strengths are of the other team and leadership members. We teach how they can capitalize on those strengths collectively. This is really how to create a synergy of working together, but focusing on where the efforts will have the greatest rewards.

We start off with a series of assessments to help us determine what those strengths are. We tailor the program including the exercises around those assessment results. We educate concerning each strength both the benefits that come with their strengths and also what the counters are to each of those strengths are as well and how to work around them. Our leadership training courses are often cause to reflect on work flow and responsibilities.

Are the right people doing the right jobs?

In many cases work responsibilities and tasks end up being shuffled around and reassigned matching them to those individuals who are better suited for those types of tasks. It is no secret that we do not enjoy doing those things that we are not good at and experience has shown us that is usually the reason why things fall through the cracks or why some are not running as efficiently as possible.

Leadership Development Workshop

5STAR Concepts Leadership Development Workshops are customized to your individual needs and goals. We all learn in a variety of ways, the workshop includes activities, lectures, times for reflections and of course commitments and goal settings.

Sample Two-Day Workshop

Pre-Work Assignment:

  • Clifton StrenghtsFinderª Assessment:
    This evaluation and assessment test is given online prior to the workshop. The purpose of the test is to aid in the individuals strengths discovery.

The Workshop – Day One:

  • The Communication Project
    This session helps understand the frustrations we feel when communication breaks down. We cover various methods that can be used in discovering different improvement opportunities.

  • The Feedback Model
    This session demonstrates the importance of feedback. We teach how to get feedback as well as the best ways for giving feedback. These methods build both the individual and the team.

  • Self Discovery
    This powerful process allows the participant to reflect on what is really important to them while re-grouping their own priorities and committing on how they will personally improve the team.

The Discovery Zone – Day Two

  • The Hunt for Who We Are
    Taking everything they learned in the workshop on day one, your Leadership Team will hit the road on a high tech treasure hunt of discovery. Using a GPS system and a set of clues, you will learn more about yourself and the others on your team then you ever thought imaginable.

Commitments and Conclusions – Day Three (half day)

  • A goal unwritten is only a wish. Now is the time to reflect on what have learned, and both individually and as a new and stronger leadership team, create a vision of what you want to become along with specific objectives that with sustain that vision.

Beyond The Classroom

Effective leadership development does not end with the classroom. Just like many other things in life that are worthwhile it takes commitment and follow up. The power and real change the on-going follow-up to the skills, goals and commitments made during the training process that real change takes place.

Your Leadership Team will be assigned an executive coach who is trained in the art of communications and leadership. Your coach will get to know your team intimately, understanding their specific needs. This coach will work with your Leadership Team on setting goals, making commitments, and working through issues as they strive to apply the skills taught in the workshop to everyday experiences.

Executive Coaching is a proven tool that demands results. It offers a third party perspective from someone who understands. It allows your team to learn, grow and improve as they receive feedback that is designed to help them grow, while at the same time giving them someone they are accountable to for their goals and commitments.

You can be assured that 5STAR Concepts' Executive Coaching Team will hold all information given during these coaching sessions with the utmost respect and privacy. During these monthly, or even bi-monthly phone calls, your executive coach has one goal in mind: The Success of your Leadership Team.

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