three training call

3 Complimentary
Mystery Calls
to your front line

Do you really know what your employees sound like to your potential customers?

Are they providing the service you except and selling the vision you see?

Let us make three complimentary mystery calls so you can truly find out.

We will provide you with a recording of each call along with an online call analysis from one of our expert coaches via ORION, our powerful online coaching tool.

Simply click on this link and provide us with some basic information and we will do the rest.

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Call Monitoring System

customer loyalty is earned

At 5Star Concepts, our call monitoring system, Pyxis is named after the constellation and translated as mariner's compass or "the compass". Pyxis was introduced by Nicolas Louis de Lacaille in the 18th century; he called it Pyxis Nautica, but the name was shortened. Pyxis is our mystery shopping and call monitoring system that offers some extraordinary features to our customers.

Just some of the features of Pyxis:

Random Caller ID Numbers: Pyxis will randomly display one of 100 phone numbers on your caller ID# making it impossible for your employees to identify us by the number.

smartCAPTURE: Record real calls from real clients and upload them to ORION. This feature offers the opportunity to categorize each call into market segments, score it for coaching purposes and replay it to multiple listeners.

Mystery callers offer real phone numbers to your associate and offers to call them back and Pyxis records how long it took the employee to return that call.

Employees can listen to training calls through the telephone as they review coaching notes.

Target specific sales managers with call back numbers. The returned call is routed through Pyxis and uploaded to ORION for evaluation.

Clients may also choose to license Pyxis to make their own mystery calls which they can then either have downloaded to their computers of placed in ORION for scoring and coaching.

customer loyalty is earned

Get Three Complimentary Mystery Shopper Calls Today!
Mystery Shopping grants you insights to your customer's experience.
5 STAR's Mystery Shopping is a powerful tool that can provide insight on how to train, retrain and coach your team.

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